About Me - Philip Maye

Welcome to my photography site. I am Philip Maye, sole proprietor of Illuminating Studios Photography. Beginning in 2006 with the photography and website design for the 1789 Woodville Plantation house (see both Historic Architecture and Client Galleries), I bring extensive photographic experience and backgrounds in art and architectural drafting to my photographic work. I specialize in architecture, whether for architects, real estate agents or for my own pleasure. I am also active in commercial, fine art and landscape photography, having photographed violins for a violin maker, percussion aides, fine art both on exhibit and in my studio, and landscapes (like architecture) shot on location. I round out my activities with macro photography on the copy stand. 

I've been shooting professional grade work for 30 years, including photo-documenting the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Chartres, France for the University of Pittsburgh in 2005, contributing 1,123 photographs and a number of explanatory diagrams for an image collection of 3,400. For that assignment, I moved from print and slide to digital, which I've used ever since. Over time I've upgraded and expanded my equipment, which now includes photo strobe lights and a tilt-shift lens, both ideal for architectural work.

You will see a wide variety of buildings here, as well as other work. Whatever type or style of architecture you have, I am willing and able to photograph it. The same goes for the other categories. I love taking photographs, and I will be happy to complete any assignment you ask me to do.

Thank you.

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