Welcome to my photography site. I am Philip Maye, sole proprietor of Illuminating Studios Photography. I have been in love with architecture since an early age, but my business began in earnest in 2006 with the photography and website design for the 1789 Woodville Plantation house (see both Historic Architecture and Client Galleries). I bring extensive photographic experience and backgrounds in art and architectural drafting to my photographic work. I specialize in architecture, whether shooting for architects, real estate agents or for my own pleasure. In addition,  I have photographed pipe organs, violins, percussion aides, landscapes and fine art both on location and in my studio. I round out my activities with photo restoration, digitization and macro photography on the copy stand. 

I've been shooting professional grade work for 20 years, including photo-documenting the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Chartres, France for the University of Pittsburgh in 2005, contributing 1,123 photographs and a number of explanatory diagrams for an image collection of 3,400. One series of diagrams I created presented a complicated series of historiated capitals in an easy to understand manner. They can be seen at West Facade Capital Frieze. Once you arrive at a diagram, hold your mouse over a scene to get the three rollovers. To the right you'll find four books where my some of my Chartres work has been published, as well as in many articles.

For the Chartres assignments I moved from print and slide to digital, which I've used ever since. Over time I've upgraded and expanded my equipment, which now includes photo strobe lights and a tilt-shift lens, both ideal for architectural work. 

You will see a wide variety of buildings here, as well as other work. Whatever type or style of architecture you have, I am willing and able to photograph it. The same goes for the other categories. I love taking photographs, and I will be happy to complete any assignment you ask me to do.

Thank you.

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